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All of our charcuterie is 100% declarable allergen free.

Texture, flavour, quality.  Everything you could want from a cured meat.

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Premium British Quality is Assured

At The New England Boar Company, we use only the finest quality meat so you will always find our products tender and flavoursome.  We are wholly dedicated to ethical farming and production, insuring the very highest standards of welfare for our boar without exception.  Without a doubt our love and care for our animals and their products comes through in everything we do.  The flavours speak for themselves! Our charcuterie range is cured by the multi-award winning British charcuterie company, Marsh Pig ( who truly understand that our wonderful boar deserve nothing other than to become premium products. Because we farm our own boar and NEVER import meat from abroad (as do some of our cheaper competitors), our products’ origins are 100% British and fully traceable.  We have gone to great lengths to create a breeding group of pure-bred wild boar and will continue to develop our breeding ‘sounder’ in the coming months and years to establish our own unsurpassable bloodlines.

Allergen and Ingredient Information

One of the many great things about our products is that they are all FREE OF DECLARABLE ALLERGENS!  No nuts, wheat, gluten or lactose is used in the making of the products and even the Wild Boar, Red Wine & Black Pepper salami is made using SULPHITE-FREE red wine! We try to keep our products as free from artificial ingredients as much as is safely possible.  Although dextrose and sodium nitrite are a key part of the curing process, we don’t add any other flavour enhancers or fillers to bulk out our products.  It’s meat and spices all the way! You’ll find a full list of ingredients on our packaging.  Please feel free to ask us about our ingredients if you see us at a market – or just call/email us.

The Choices We Made.... Are The Ones That Make Us So Different!

Fitting with the rest of our little business, there are also a few little stories about why we made some of the decisions about the products.  From day one, our focus has always been on linking everything we possibly can with our local area or our woodland in whatever way we can.  Just for the record I will explain again here that we are called The New England Boar Company’ because our farm is situated next to the village of New England.  That’s New England near Haverhill, not New England, USA! So, we made a few business decisions based on what we wanted to stand out about our business and our products. Why wild boar and not domestic pigs?  Would have been a lot easier and cheaper wouldn’t it? Well, why NOT wild boar?  The problem facing us today is that many people (both producers and consumers) choose the quicker and cheaper options because they’re readily available and fit comfortably within the budget.  But what would happen if we swapped regular, cheap, large amounts of meat sourced from abroad,  for UK-reared, high quality, ethically produced and slightly more pricey products – just maybe not as often and maybe not by the tonne?  Smaller quantity of higher quality surely?   So we are breaking the cycle of  cheaply- produced, and/or imported meat.  Our business is about exceptional quality, ethical meat production.  It’s about bringing something different to your table and appreciating the time and care that has gone into our produce.  Our business is not about mass-production or quick turn-around.  Wild boar take 18 months to reach slaughter-weight while a domestic pig takes 4 to 6 months…. it’s a good job patience is our virtue and quality is our mission.  And here we are, farming wild boar for lengthy periods of time, with painstaking care, under a Dangerous Wild Animals License. Our commitment to animal welfare. Nowhere in the world will you find a country more committed to animal welfare than in the UK.  We are extremely proud to be part of a nation that cares so much.  So why are we still buying imported meat products?  Without exception, all of our animals are woodland-reared in a free-range environment.  WE ARE THE FARMERS –  the people that you meet at the markets and events!  How often do you meet the faces behind the product?  When does the producer step out from behind the scenes to answer your questions (and criticisms!) and help you understand the product?  We are wholly transparent and entirely happy to answer questions, day or night, by phone, email or face-to-face.  Without our customers, there is no business so we value your feedback.  Find our details in the “Contact Us” section of this website. You can find the same product cheaper somewhere else…. Or is it the same? Yes, you can find a wild boar salami cheaper if you take a look.  Take a closer look though…. Is the wild boar reared in the UK (on your doorstep if you’re local to East Anglia) or has it been imported from the continent? What traceability does the product have? Has the animal been hand-selected for it’s quality or is it any part of any beast (origin unknown) arranged in salami format? What parts of the animal have been used in the product?  We use only the leg meat in our salami and chorizo, that’s what gives the far superior texture, not to mention flavour. What are the product ingredients?  Have certain ingredients been added to ‘bulk out’ the products?  Our products are simply what they should be:  meat, salt, sugar and spices.  No added bulk, no unnecessary additives. Are the other products DECLARABLE ALLERGEN FREE? We know, we make a big fuss about declarable allergens but allergen-awareness is fast-growing globally and if it’s surprising how many products still contain them.  No such worries with our products!  You don’t have to give it a second thought. It’s a bit of a commitment isn’t it, this wild boar farming? We have no option but to conclude we do this for LOVE.  We are wholly committed to what we do and owning a farm governed by a Dangerous Wild Animals license is no easy task we can tell you.   The boar themselves are also different in many ways to a domestic pig.  Because there are not many wild boar farms in the UK, a lot of the standard husbandry advice and guidelines such as you would expect in the domestic pig industry are absent and we often move in unchartered territory but we are all gaining a collective and developing knowledge of the species. Something for everyone?  Yes please! Nothing in our range so far contains any element of “heat” or “spiciness”, not even the Chorizo.  We want our charcuterie to be accessible to all, big and small, young and old.  Besides, you can always add “heat” to your taste in the form of marinades and dips, seasons spices and that way it’s right for you every time. Win-win.  We’re amazed at the amount of people who try our products with fear and trepidation… and then we watch the smile break out on their faces.  Yes, it was far better than they ever expected.   So to find out more about each individual product (and even buy them), please click on the product titles below.

Our Products
It doesn't get any more seasonal than this.  It's smooth and rich, just perfect for your autumn/winter platters. There's certainly no shortage of sloes in the wood where the boar live and there is that old saying.. what grows with goes with!


WOULD MAKE A GREAT STARTER FOR SIXTEEN TO TWENTY PEOPLE. Pack contains:  2 x 60g Wild Boar Coppa, 2 x 50g Wild Boar Lomo, 1 x 250g Whole Wild Boar, Garlic & Black Pepper Salami, 1 x 250g Whole Wild Boar, Red Wine & Black Pepper Salami.   This delightful package is great for your Christmas festivities or as a rather unusual gift for...

£66.00 £60.00

Pack contains: 1 x 80g Wild Boar, Garlic & Black Pepper Sliced Salami, 1 x 80g Wild Boar, Red Wine & Black Pepper Sliced Salami, 1 x 180g Wild Boar Beech-Smoked Chorizo, 1 x 60g Wild Boar Coppa, 1 x 50g Wild Boar Lomo WOULD MAKE A GREAT STARTER FOR EIGHT TO TEN PEOPLE. An absolute delight for your guests this...

£41.00 £40.00

Slightly sweeter than its’ garlic and black pepper cousin, this salami lends itself particularly well to a cheesy accomplice. Spice up your cheeseboard with some thin slices. Well..... no we haven't been allowing the boar to infuse themselves with red wine - that we do promise.  So another classic combination of association.  Cured meat and red wine.  "Red wine!?" we...


Air-dried collar of wild boar.  Deep in colour and deeper in flavour. Give the guests something to talk about by wrapping it around a fig with cream cheese. This wonder of the charcuterie world is the absolute antithesis of Lomo.  Once again a premium cut of meat, but this time from the neck, hence "Coppa" meaning "Collar".  A much stronger, more...


Thinly sliced, the red wine adds a pleasantly subtle sweetness.  Perfect with cheese! Well..... no we haven't been allowing the boar to infuse themselves with red wine - that we do promise.  So another classic combination of association.  Cured meat and red wine.  "Red wine!?" we hear Vicky cry.  "Yes, red wine Vicky.  No you can't have any - it's...


A beautiful blend of juniper, thyme, garlic, coriander and fennel come together to produce a mouth-watering marinade for our famous wild boar pancetta. Spice up your omelette or jazz up your carbonara. When we first started this business, we had trouble selling our pancetta. To be frank, we had wanted another product that people were familiar and comfortable with using and ironically, that was just the problem. ...


A 'wild' twist on the traditional Spanish paprika sausage, smoked with beech from our own woodland. Enjoy as a ready-to-eat snack, as part of a charcuterie board or cooked in a paella!  We don't think there are many people on the planet who haven't heard of chorizo.  But they haven't all heard of ours.... yet.  Chorizo is so versatile and you...


Beautiful thinly sliced with crusty bread and a glass of something special. We wanted something robust and meaty, simple and classic.  What better inspiration could you draw from your wild-boar-woodland than a patch of wild garlic?  Jim and I joked that it wouldn't be there long once the boar got on that paddock - they'll be infusing themselves with all those garlicky flavours and...


WINNER OF A STAR ON THE GUILD OF FINE FOODS "GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2018"!!!  A delicately flavoured, marinated and air-dried loin of wild boar. Ready to eat as an interesting variation for your charcuterie board. So, Lomo.  As you've gathered we care a lot about what we do and nothing could classify as sacrilege more than allowing a beautifully textured, premium cut of...


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