Sliced Wild Boar, Garlic & Black Pepper Salami (80g)

Beautifully thin slices of our simple and classic garlic and black pepper salami.

Wild Boar, Garlic & Black Pepper Salami.  We wanted something robust and meaty, simple and classic.  What better inspiration could you draw from your wild-boar-woodland than a patch of wild garlic?  Jim and I joked that it wouldn’t be there long once the boar got on that paddock – they’ll be infusing themselves with all those garlicky flavours and we’d like to think that helps a little.  So we are actually growing it deliberately now!  Decision made – the garlic for the distinctive flavour that is everybody’s association with salami and the black pepper to add depth and the little bit that bites you back when you get a whole peppercorn.  Keeping it simple really allows the flavour of the meat to come through.  One for the true carnivore.

Ready to eat.


Approximately 10 slices.

Gluten, wheat and lactose free.

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Sliced Wild Boar, Garlic & | Black Pepper Salami (80g) Nutritional Information

Wild Boar, Garlic and Black Pepper Salami Nutrient Unit per 100g
Energy kcal 312
Energy kJ 1298
Fat g 21
of which:
saturates g 7.6
mono-unsaturates g 8.9
polyunsaturates g 3.6
Carbohydrate g 1.1
of which:
Sugars g 0.9
Starch g <0.5*
Fibre g <0.5*
Protein g 28
Salt g 3.9

Delivery Information

Delivery by Royal Mail in 2-3 working days, including Saturdays.  Please note that refunds will be given on unsatisfactory products ONLY on the basis that the products are returned to The New England Boar Company UNOPENED and in the original packaging.


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