Small Christmas Package

Pack contains: 1 x 80g Wild Boar, Garlic & Black Pepper Sliced Salami, 1 x 80g Wild Boar, Red Wine & Black Pepper Sliced Salami, 1 x 180g Wild Boar Beech-Smoked Chorizo, 1 x 60g Wild Boar Coppa, 1 x 50g Wild Boar Lomo


An absolute delight for your guests this Christmas, or maybe an unusual present for your foodie friend?  This wonderful selection of  charcuterie  has something for everyone (not forgetting it’s also declarable allergen free), including our  Garlic & Black Pepper Salami,  Red Wine & Black Pepper Salami, Coppa (air-dried collar), Lomo (air-dried loin) and our top-selling Beech-smoked Chorizo.



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With such a variety of flavours, you really will please every palate.  The salamis are meaty and deeply flavoured with richness from the wild boar and garlic and the subtle, sweet tones from the sulphite-free red wine and maybe a little warmth from the fennel.  The coppa and lomo are worlds different in flavour with the coppa being the more familiar flavour (dare we say “like a wild boar parma ham”) and contrasting with the delicate paprika of the sweeter, nutty lomo.  The beech-smoked chorizo is something wonderful all by itself, the soft smokiness and the melt-in the mouth texture is a winner at even the most discerning dinner parties.

Another wonderful thing about this package, and indeed about all of our products is that whilst we advise that they are refrigerated once opened, unopened they are perfectly safe in a stocking overnight (maybe just not right above the roaring fire).  Well, when we say safe…. it depends if Santa’s got a taste for wild boar charcuterie doesn’t it?

Please note that the basket is NOT included.

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