Wild Boar Coppa (60g)

Air-dried collar of wild boar.  Deep in colour and deeper in flavour. Give the guests something to talk about by wrapping it around a fig with cream cheese.

This wonder of the charcuterie world is the absolute antithesis of Lomo.  Once again a premium cut of meat, but this time from the neck, hence “Coppa” meaning “Collar”.  A much stronger, more familiar taste has lent itself to our tender Wild Boar Coppa, a flavour almost like parma ham…. but much better!  The simple garlic and black pepper marinade is all this rich, darker cut needs to compliment the existing flavour of the meat.  We chose it both for it’s simplicity and it’s abundant differences to our existing Lomo.  In fact, two more different cured meats from the same animal you could not find.

Our Wild Boar Coppa has proven extremely popular and because it is a relatively small muscle, stocks run out pretty fast so grab it while you can!

Ready to eat.


Gluten, wheat and lactose free.

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Wild Boar Coppa | (60g) Nutritional Information

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Delivery by Royal Mail in 2-3 working days, including Saturdays. Please note that refunds will be given on unsatisfactory products ONLY on the basis that the products are returned to The New England Boar Company UNOPENED and in the original packaging.


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