Wild Boar Lomo (50g)

WINNER OF A STAR ON THE GUILD OF FINE FOODS “GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2018”!!!  A delicately flavoured, marinated and air-dried loin of wild boar. Ready to eat as an interesting variation for your charcuterie board.

So, Lomo.  As you’ve gathered we care a lot about what we do and nothing could classify as sacrilege more than allowing a beautifully textured, premium cut of carefully nurtured wild boar to fall, unappreciated,  into the salami mixture.  Don’t get us wrong, the meat in the salami is premium leg meat but the LOIN….. oh the LOIN……. Slightly sweet, nutty, marinated in paprika and a touch of garlic, air-dried for up to 14 weeks.  Sliced beautifully thin so it melts in your mouth.  Some people get a floral note from it.  We chose it for it’s unimposing flavours and it’s phenomenal, tender texture.  We wanted to demonstrate that a rich red meat such as wild boar can find its’ niche even among the most delicate of palates.


Gluten, wheat and lactose free.

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Wild Boar Lomo | (50g) Nutritional Information

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Delivery by Royal Mail in 2-3 working days, including Saturdays.  Please note that refunds will be given on unsatisfactory products ONLY on the basis that the products are returned to The New England Boar Company UNOPENED and in the original packaging.


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