Wild Boar, Red Wine & Black Pepper Salami (250g)

Slightly sweeter than its’ garlic and black pepper cousin, this salami lends itself particularly well to a cheesy accomplice. Spice up your cheeseboard with some thin slices.

Well….. no we haven’t been allowing the boar to infuse themselves with red wine – that we do promise.  So another classic combination of association.  Cured meat and red wine.  “Red wine!?” we hear Vicky cry.  “Yes, red wine Vicky.  No you can’t have any – it’s going in the salami!”  Jim and I actually toasted the beginnings of the boar farm with a beautiful fruity, smooth merlot.  We like wine.  Anyway… red wine does a multitude of things.  We chose it for it’s slightly sweet qualities, lending it well to a cheeseboard or to those with a sweeter tooth.  It also adds a richness, a smoothness and almost a softness to the salami.  It’s wholly different from it’s Garlic & Black Pepper counterpart, which is the point really isn’t it?  We’d like to think it’s added a more ‘ladylike’ product to our range.

Ready to eat.


Gluten, wheat and lactose free.

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Wild Boar, Red Wine & Black | Pepper Salami (250g) Nutritional Information

Wild Boar, Red Wine and Black Pepper Salami Nutrient Unit per 100g
Energy kcal 311
Energy kJ 1294
Fat g 22
of which:
saturates g 7.6
mono-unsaturates g 9.0
polyunsaturates g 3.6
Carbohydrate g 0.6
of which:
Sugars g 0.5
Starch g <0.5*
Fibre g <0.5*
Protein g 28
Salt g 3.9

Delivery Information

Delivery by Royal Mail in 2-3 working days, including Saturdays.  Please note that refunds will be given on unsatisfactory products ONLY on the basis that the products are returned to The New England Boar Company UNOPENED and in the original packaging.


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