Sticky Chorizo Salad

Here is the simplest of recipes to wow your guests – it’s so unbelievably easy.  It’s packed full of flavour, luxurious and the perfect addition to your tapas evening or a great starter for a dinner party.


180g Wild Boar Beech-smoked Chorizo, cut into discs about 8mm thick – make sure you remove the non-edible casing!

Dash olive oil

1 tbs honey

3tbs wine vinegar (white or red)

1tbs balsamic vinegar



1) Make sure you have removed all of the non-edible casing from the chorizo.

2) Add a dash of olive oil to the frying pan and brown the chorizo until crispy and golden.

3) Drain off all excess oil, leaving only 1tbs of oil in the pan.

4) Add the vinegars and honey, coating the chorizo, then fry on a medium heat until the liquid becomes syrupy and sticky – you can always add more liquid ingredients if you like more sauce.

5) Serve warm on a bed of salad and drizzle with sauce from the pan.




Wild boar beech smoked chorizo
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