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As well as our fantastic range of charcuterie, we also have a limited supply of fresh/frozen meat such as roasting joints, burgers and sausages.  These are on a collection-only basis from markets or events.  We are happy to deliver within 10 miles of Haverhill for a negotiable fee but we DO NOT post fresh meat or frozen meat products.  When fresh/frozen products become available, we generally advertise them via social media.

The New England Boar Company makes no apologies for the limitations of our supplies. Because we will not force or enhance the growth of our boar (hence the lengthy production time we face), we cannot always guarantee that demand will be instantly met throughout the year.

However we will always do our best to satisfy our customers and hope you understand that sometimes natural processes dictate. To avoid disappointment it’s always best to order early!

Why buy Wild Boar?

Wild boar is a red meat, more deeply flavoursome than pork and firmer in texture.

You are indeed what you eat and because forage makes up a significant part of our boar’s diet the ‘wild’ flavour carries through in the rich, nutty meat.

Wild boar cannot be forced to grow bigger faster. They reach their natural ‘finishing’ weight at approximately eighteen months, as opposed to the domestic pig which is slaughtered between four and twelve months, making the turn-around on boar products a much lengthier and therefore more expensive process.

All of our products are naturally allergen-free and our salamis and chorizo are typically only 15% added fat in contrast with others which may have between 30 and 60% added fat.

Wild Boar Nutritional Information

The boar meat is dark, being nearer 70% red fibres while domestic pork may only be 20 to 30% red fibres. Whilst the eating red meat is perceived to be unhealthy by some, we will now demonstrate exactly why wild boar is a far healthier choice than pork…

There is an inference that fat = flavour and indeed it does, however an abundance of solid white fat does not equate to an abundance of flavour. It’s the quality of the natural fat levels, the fats that are acquired slowly through a balanced diet that make all the difference. Boar meat is also high in Omega 3 fatty acids which have proven to have heart health benefits.


Values are approximate, per 100g

Cholesterol/mg Calories/Kcal Protein/g Fat/g Saturated Fat/g
Wild Boar 55 150 27 5 3
Pork 70 269 16 23 8
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